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Vendor Table Registration for CFRI's Summer Bash & Business Member Trade Show - SPECIAL LOCATION

with... Fellow CFRI Members & Guests

WINTER PARK COMMUNITY CENTER - CFRI BUSINESS MEMBERS - CFRI is having a Summer Bash & Business Member Vendor Trade Show for our WED, JUNE 5th General Meeting. CFRI Business members can rent a vendor table to interact with members and guests.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Winter Park Community Center
721 W. New England Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
721 W. New England Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789

Connect With Your Target Market
at CFRI’s SUMMER BASH & Business Member Trade Show

Our June 5th General Meeting will be a CFRI Business Member Trade Show
& Tastiest Salad or Side Dish Contest!
We're very excited to welcome our Business Members as they show off their products and services to our members.
Dinner Catered by 

Register at www.CFRI.net or call 407-328-7773

We are now accepting payment for CFRI's June 5th SUMMER Vendor Trade Show. Vendors who have pre-paid for a vendor table can check-in beginning at 3:30 pm. All Vendors must be set up by 5:00 pm. After checking-in, vendors will draw their table assignment from a lottery drawing. You must take the table that you draw – no second chances.  ALL personnel from a company must check-in. Renting a vendor table allows you more space to display your flyers and brochures and gives you the opportunity to personally interact with attendees.  All other members, business members, and guests will not be allowed to enter the building until 5:00 p.m. to allow for more time to network and visit with the vendors. 

Business Member Vendor Table and Flyer Display Policies
Please refer to the current CFRI Policies and Procedures document which can be found at the following website link: https://cfri.net/Misc/MemberFiles/CFRI_Policies_and_Procedures.pdf and review this information carefully. If you have any questions, please contact the CFRI staff at 407-328-7773 or send an email to executive@cfri.net.

Section F - Vendor Tables for Business Members at General Meeting

1.     Approved current Business members are eligible to rent a vendor table at the CFRI general meeting at the rate of $100 per month.  (2/13/17) 
2.     The availability of tables will be limited due to space considerations.  (7/26/04) 
3.     Tables will be rented on a first-come first-served basis.  (7/26/04) 
4.     Business Members may register for a vendor table beginning at 10:00a.m. on the Friday after the General Meeting for the next month’s General Meeting.  If the vendor tables are all sold out, then Association Executive may sell the Business Member a vendor table for the next available General Meeting. (8/14/17)
5.     General Meeting vendors can start setting up vendor tables at 4:15p.m. on the day of the General Meeting. At 5:00p.m. any unoccupied tables will be released for CFRI to sell to other vendors. The original vendor will not be entitled to a refund or a credit unless approved by Association Executive. (2/19/18)
6.     CFRI reserves the right to cancel or deny any vendor a table space.  (3/19/07) 
7.     Vendor tables must be manned only by the named business members.  (2/19/18) 
8.     The one exception is that a meeting sponsor may pay the guest fee for additional representatives to man their vendor table (not to exceed the specified maximum of 4 representatives)  (3/19/07) 
9.     The CFRI Board may suspend a business member’s ability to rent a vendor table or sponsor a meeting if they have violated CFRI advertising, flyer display, or vendor table, or other policies. The duration of the suspension will be based on the severity of the violation, as determined by the Board.  (4/23/07) 
10.  Business Members may not resell or share a vendor table with other Business Members or anyone not registered as part of their membership.  Business Members can only advertise the service area that they have been approved for at their vendor table. (8/14/17)

Section B - Business Flyer Display Policies

 1.     (a) All business member advertising and informational materials must be displayed and/ or distributed within the designated area only (networking/vendor area, which is located outside the main meeting room.) (b) CFRI reserves the right to pull any materials.  (6/19/03)
2.     Only speakers, in accordance with their contract, and general meeting sponsors may distribute flyers, business cards, or other advertising materials in the main room of the General Meeting.  The main room of the General Meeting is defined as the room in which presentations are made and participants are seated and does not include the networking/vendor area, which is located outside the main meeting room.  (3/14/05)
3.     Only CFRI Business Members may display flyers, cards, or other materials advertising their business.  (3/29/07)
4.     Quantity of flyers displayed may be restricted by CFRI due to space limitations.  (3/29/07)
5.     No flyers may advertise real estate related educational programs, products, mentoring or coaching services unless approved by the CFRI Board.  (3/29/07)
6.     Flyers may only promote services for the type of business listed in the Preferred Vendor Listing, as approved by the Board of Directors.  (3/29/07)
7.     Flyers shall not promote the goods or services of businesses that are not CFRI business members.
8.     Flyers must contain company name and contact information  (3/29/07)

Section D - Restrictions on Advertising and Announcements

1.     No person or business may sell, promote or advertise any competitive educational programs/seminars or products at any event, in any publication or on any CFRI registered social media site that are not co-sponsored by CFRI.  (8/23/15)
2.     The CFRI Board of Directors has the unconditional right to vote not to accept any new, existing or renewal advertising.  (9/13/04)
3.     CFRI reserves the right to deny, or place restrictions, on the content of member announcements and/or advertising materials  (3/19/07) (CFRI reserves the right to remove, take down, deny or place restrictions, on the content of member announcements, advertising materials and/ or on any CFRI registered social media sites) (6/6/16) 
4.     CFRI does not allow advertisements, promotions, or announcements at any CFRI event or in any CFRI advertising venue, referring to "bird dogs", payments for "finder’s fees," "referrals,"  "rewards," or any similar terminology, offering compensation for information leading to deals.  (2/13/06)
5.     All companies advertising in the CFRI newsletter or on the CFRI website are required to submit proof of state licensure before the ad can be published.  Current advertisers are required to present proof of active state licensure when renewing current advertising.  (4/17/06)
6.     Coaching services cannot be advertised at any CFRI event, or in any CFRI media, unless authorized by contract, such as in a contract with a national speaker.  (2/19/18)
7.     No person or business may post signs or distribute material outside the meeting facility and surrounding property where any CFRI meeting or event is taking place. (8/10/15)

Section E - Sponsorship of General Meeting

1.     CFRI will accept up to 2 sponsors, from non-competing fields, for each general meeting for a fee of $300 per meeting.  (5/15/17)
2.     Sponsors are allowed to put flyers on chairs, display 1-2 freestanding signs/banners, make a 3-minute announcement during the general meeting, and have a manned table in the networking room.  (2/13/17)
3.     Sponsors will be acknowledged in the newsletter, provided their sponsorship fee is paid at least one month in advance of the General Meeting (due to printing and distribution constraints).  (7/20/15)


This is a Members Only Event

Date:  Wednesday, June 5, 2019
Time:  5:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Winter Park Community Center

721 W. New England Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789

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